Family Proofs

Christmas 2015-60  Hannah Baptism-3   Minnesota Zoo-15

              Christmas 2015                           Hannah Baptism                          Schmitz’s Family at the Zoo               

4th Birthday Party-8  Fathers Day-8   Hudson 1BD-2

       Logan’s 4th Birthday                              Father’s Day                                 Hudson’s 1st Birthday                          

Labor Day 2015-13  Logan Birthday-54   Lula 2nd-88

 Grandma and Grandpa’s house           Logan’s 3rd Birthday                            Lula’s 2nd Birthday                                                                          

Lula-23  Minnihaha-36   Natalie 2nd-70

     Lula’s 3rd Birthday                             Family at the Park                                   Natalie’s 2nd Birthday

Vivian Birthday-45  Vivian Baptism-70   Alex-Natalie-28

      Vivian’s 1st Birthday                         Vivian’s Baptism                                  July 4th at the Lake

Logan Baptism-26   Lula 1st Birthday-48   Arboretum-29

       Logan’s Baptism                                Lula’s 1st Birthday                         A Day at the Arboretum

Miracle Christmas-20   Natalie13   Natalie Baptism-27

          Christmas 2014                                    Natalie @ 6 Weeks                              Natalie Baptism

Vivian-Lightroom-64   lula-4th-birthday-33   christmas-eve-31

        The Douglas Girls                              Lula’s 4th Birthday                     Christmas 2016 Photo Shoot


Christmas 2016 Photo Shoot – Part 2