High School Seniors

This is a once in a lifetime moment… 

It’s true. This is a time in your life that you will look back on and remember forever. Things are changing fast for you and your voyage into adulthood is about to begin. Because of that, you don’t want to just stand in front of a background. You need photos that will capture memories of your life as it is right now. You need portraits that show off the best parts of you.

That is why you have come to me, and it’s a responsibility that I don’t take lightly.  




Sitting fee:

$100 for up to 2 hours. This allows us plenty of time to get variety, without having to worry about how much time you have left.

Gallery CD:

All of the images on CD excluding any “Signature Series Prints”, (see below) $229. These are not proofs but full resolution images that have been hand edited one at a time.

Gold Gallery CD:

Same as above but including all of the “Signature Series Prints” in full high resolution as well for only $349.

Print pricing:

  • Wallets – $5.99
  • 4X6 – $4.99
  • 5X7 – $7.99
  • 8X10 – $10.00
  • 11X14 – $19.99
  • 16X20 – $29.99

Digital Downloads: Regular images – $20 each. Signature Series Images – $75 each.


Artistic Series

The example you see to the right is a Artistic Series Print. They are easy to identify in your gallery as they will be the only ones bearing my Signature. When I am processing and editing your photos, a few of them will just jump out at me. I’ll play with it. I’ll try things with it. The next thing you know, we get a Signature Series Print. It will come in one fixed size and be 100 percent original. It will also be priced a bit more for the extra work that goes into it.

I will only do a select few of them for each customer, and you never know what I will come up with. So keep a sharp eye out for them in your gallery.

If you have questions on them, feel free to give me a call. (920) 203-7345.

SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase $99 or more in Signature Series Prints and receive $50 off of your CD purchase.